I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and for making us feel like our Charli was the most important child in the world and of course to us, she is.
In the beginning Maz & Michelle made us feel safe leaving our only baby girl in her first Childcare, and then Bec & Zea in the next room. Those 2 have had a massive impact on Charli. In her play time,with her dollies she would play Bec & Zea. They are the most wonderful human beings.
Now in the next room, Trish,Lisa,Jenny,Courtney and Jeannette. When I saw Charlie run into Jennys arms I just know she is so happy.(please forgive me I know there are many more wonderful staff I havent mentioned).
We are very sad to move on and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
If you would like me to do anything for new parents as a reference I would love to do it,I mean,we used to travel from Burleigh when there are lots of daycare centres around us!

Thank you

Our son Rudy lives with quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy that limits him in so many ways. What is limitless though are the experiences and focus on inclusion that we feel he receives from all the staff at Terranora Child Care Centre. He benefits in so many ways and any problems that arise are always tackled head on and not left unchecked. We could not wish for a better child care experience.

Gordan McLennan

Terranora Child Care Centre has provided my 2 ½ year old over the past year wonderful caring environment in which to grow and develop. All of your staff have embraced Tyler and our entire family throughout the past year both inside and outside of the centre, often bumping into us after hours or on the weekend at the local shopping centres and always take the time to stop and genuinely interact with us. The nutritional food provided is a highlight for our son who spends most of the car ride in the morning and on the way home describing to us the three or four courses he is going to or had devoured throughout the day. I often look at my own lunches and think twice about staying with him at the centre!!! His motor and verbal skills are very advanced and we appreciate the individual attention that he receives to stretch his development over these formative years. We see all of your staff as an extension of our own family and have absolutely no concerns leaving him in your care-the only upsetting thing is that he doesn’t even want to wave goodbye to us anymore when we drop him off? Apparently there are far too many other important things to do!

Danniele Sim

Terranora Child Care Centre - three words to say it all! Caring, trustworthy and helpful.

Sharon Carpenter

As a mum leaving both my boys in someone else’s care, it gives me great peace of mind to know that they are being looked after wit care, diligence and compassion. It’s not just supervised play. The children learn so much about their world and the people in it. My oldest boy is off to big school next year and his teacher is helping get ready for this big transition with patience I really appreciate. My youngest boy has had some separation anxiety and his teachers have dealt with this with all the tenderness and compassion in the world. In short I would leave my boys anywhere else.

Rachel Eldred

I take great comfort in leaving my boys in the best care available at Terranora Child Care Centre, which is a safe, happy , loving environment, so I can enjoy my day with peace of mind.

Lisa Haling

Quality Care, Quality Staff and Quality Programs in a Quality Environment. My children delight in their time spent at Terranora Child Care Centre. They are cherished, nurtured and encouraged to develop into the very special little people that they are. I really appreciate the individualised attention my children and I experience. It makes a huge difference in maintaining a healthy work/family balance when you know your children are in such exceptional hands.

Kim Taylor

Terranora Childcare Centre
Clean. Safe. Stimulating. TCCC has been the perfect environment for my children to experience with gusto all of life’s sweet discoveries. It’s so much more than a “childcare centre”. I’m always amazed at the quality level of care here. The staff cherishes every little being. It’s not just a job to them – it’s an inherent passion. You can certainly feel that. I could send my children elsewhere – maybe somewhere a little more convenient or slightly cheaper by a dollar or two –but I wouldn’t chance it. It takes a special place and special people to look after the most treasured things in my life. Luckily, I’ve found that place, and those people, right here. What a sad day it will be for me when I no longer need the help of TCCC. It’ll be like the loss of a family member. Jeeeez….I’m sad just writing about it! Thanks, TCCC for loving my children (almost!) as much as I do.

Catie Hughes