Our Staff

Renee Smyth is the Educational Leader of our service.  Renee has been working with children and families since 2000.  She is a 4 year university trained teacher, holding a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), as well as First Aid and Child Protection training. Renee has also undertaken specialist behaviour management training and has experience working with children’s diverse needs and abilities, including children with additional needs and children and families from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The role of Educational Leader at Terranora Child Care Centre is largely concerned with ensuring that the service continues to deliver outstanding educational programs for children.  This entails engagement with children and families, as well as offering professional support for educators.  Renee spends time in each of the classrooms, assisting educators in planning and implementing exceptional learning experiences.    Renee supports educators in decision making processes regarding their programs, and acts as a mentor for educators who are developing their skills.

Renee leads the collaborative process of developing and implementing our service’s Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).   Her professional interests include curriculum and pedagogy, behaviour guidance, and advocacy for children and early childhood educators.