Our Philosophy

Terranora Child Care Centre is a place where children are loved. Our service has a warm, homely feel and a friendly atmosphere. Everybody is welcome here. We want this place to be “nice and peaceful” (Hunter, age 3), and “fun” (Ruby, age 4).

At our service, children are supported to live happy and healthy lives. Children’s independence and resilience is promoted because we believe that each child should be confident in who they are, and who they are becoming. Children are respected as capable human beings.

Each child and family is unique, as is the service that we provide. We consider everyone in our service community to be ‘part of the family’. The best possible experiences and outcomes for children occur when families and educators work together. There is a wide range of ways for families to participate at the service.

The Terranora Child Care family celebrate the wonder and joy of childhood. Educators take the time to nurture children, getting to know them as individuals. They assist children to take the next step in their learning and development, then rejoice in their achievements alongside them. At our service we promote a play-based curriculum as the most effective way for young children to learn.

As a group of educators, we draw on a diverse range of skills and knowledge to create a learning environment that is an enriching and inspiring place for children to be. Educators at Terranora Child Care Centre genuinely care about the wellbeing of children, and this is evident to anyone who comes into our service.

We have a high professional standard. The educators here are passionate about their work, and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children. Our educators and management team are approachable, and always willing to collaborate to reach common goals.

Our team works diligently to implement the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Framework (NQF), which are the documents that guide Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia. We uphold the ideals of the EYLF and NQF that encourage us to individualise our service according to the needs of our community and our understandings of current best practice in Early Childhood Education and Care.

The most important aspect of our service is the relationships that we have with each other. “If you don’t come here you will miss your friends” (Finn, age 5). It is important “to listen” (Hector, age 3). Building and maintaining strong and trusting relationships is always a priority at our service. It is the quality of our relationships that makes us who we are. “Be friendly - just because” (Brodie, age 3).

Our Philosophy has been developed by educators, families, children, management and approved providers at Terranora Child Care Centre, August 2014.