Early Childhood Education in Australia has a rich tradition of singing children’s songs in a range of languages (EYLF Outcome 5). Awareness of differences in spoken languages teaches children about the differences between people (EYLF Outcome 2). Celebrating this difference through music teaches joy! (EYLF Outcome 3). Nat and Lisa showed us their musical talents by accompanying the children on the guitar and keyboard while they sang songs in Afrikaans, French, Japanese and indigenous language. Aki led a sing-along in Japanese, which is her first language. We are always happy when Jeannette picks up the bongo drums. Her amazing drumming draws on her heritage from the Bashi tribe of Congo DRC. The repetitive rhythm of the drumming exposes children to musical patterns. Educators can observe children’s understanding of ‘beat’ as they watch them dance and clap (EYLF Outcome 4). Jeannette also made banana leaf skirts for the children to wear.